Research and development

The R&D branch


The pulsing heart of Eston Chimica is the laboratory where the ideas take shape. The R&D branch, formed by ten people inside our lab and as many technicians who support our clients outside, focuses its research on innovative, technologically advanced and mainly eco-compatible solutions, with special regard for the environmental conservation and the operators’ healthcare. This policy is the guarantee of using products in keeping with the latest international directives.

If we- stopped at the appearance, we’d have never discovered that water has so many colors as you wish.

In search of innovative solutions Eston Chimica-dynamic laboratory works constantly to obtain new products. Thanks to the consolidate relationship with its business network, composed of sales representatives and distributors, Eston Chimica gives daily new inputs to improve itself in a market not ever easy.

The technological growth is for Eston Chimica the primary value to pursue. This is the only way to anticipate - demands, propose new ideas and innovative products.


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